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April 30 2018


A Quick Digital Currencies Guide

With every passing day, you hear more about digital currencies. More specifically, you have all kinds of people telling you to start investing now if you don't want to miss loads of money being made. Unfortunately, it's not just a matter of giving a little and getting a lot. And as great as digital currencies might be, there are some things you need to think about before making any type of investment. 

In order to get some perspective on the topic, here is a quick digital currency guide to help.

Can Money Be Made With Digital Currency? 

Yes, you can make money by investing in digital currencies. However, they are no more stable than any other type of stock on the market. In fact, digital currencies only carry the value people give to it as a specific time. 

A good example would be Bitcoin. When it reached the same value as the gold price, more investors started taking it seriously and began investing. 

But just like Bitcoin value soared, it also drastically fell after a certain point. So, in terms of making money, you'll need to think about long-term investing and you have to be realistic about the risks. 

Can You Mine Your Own Digital Currencies? 

The mining process for digital currencies can get rather complex. Thanks to the encrypted source code that make up the currency, the time it takes to mine a token can take quite long. 

This is why so many people invest in companies that handle the mining process. If you don't feel like going through all the hassles, you can simply join a service that does it for you.

Can Digital Currencies Be Traced? 

The beauty of digital currencies is that they can't be traced. And the only way to prove you are the owner is via a number you receive. 

Can Digital Currency Be Hacked? 

As it stands, the blockchain technology that creates the digital currency can't be hacked. But the platform that is used to handle transactions might be vulnerable to hacking. Learn more about this and familiarize yourself with the hacking risks before getting too involved. 

The truth is you've already missed the gold rush. And even those who enjoyed it have to face the facts that digital currencies are volatile. If you invest now you can still make money in the long run, but it really needs to be a calculated risk. Don't just invest in any digital currency you come across.

April 23 2018

Paul McCarthy - Dascoin & Bitcoin Expert Cork

Paul McCarthy was an early investor in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and has spent the last few years travelling the world educating consumers on the intricacies of blockchain technology. Visit: http://paulmccarthy.io

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